North Dakota:
The Nation's UAS Epicenter

Our state's initial $28 million investment in Vantis, the North Dakota UAS network, is the latest in a decade-plus of coordinated efforts to make the state friendly to UAS business and innovation. We've worked to lower barriers of entry, bolster the UAS workforce, and invest in advanced UAS research to create a thriving UAS ecosystem. We're the place to come to for commercializing scalable UAS operations. The momentum continues to accelerate. Join us.

The Vantis Network

Remote Infrastructure

  • Surveillance sensors
  • Command and control radios

Backhaul Data Network

  • High reliability, low latency
  • Scalable

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

  • Ground control station
  • Aircraft

Mission & Network

  • Data correlation and validation
  • Maintenance monitoring
  • System testing

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UAS Uses and Industries

From private to public sectors, the statewide UAS network provides the launchpad to commercialization and raising the bar for customer services. Innovators are utilizing UAS technology to increase efficiencies, enhance safety, and bring new capabilities to businesses and people.

Operators use UAS to collect data and inspect wells and pipelines in the resource-rich Bakken Formation, increasing safety and productivity.

Oil and Gas

UAS is the fastest method to locate and assess damage to the state's electric grid following severe weather or other power interruptions.

Electric Utilities

North Dakota commerce relies on UAS to monitor and inspect thousands of miles of rail, roads and bridges to keep goods traveling to customers.

Rails and Roads

With over 40 million acres devoted to farming and ranching, agriculture needs UAS to assess plant and livestock health and increase yields.


UAS efficiently gets lifesaving medicine and equipment to people and providers quickly and reduces turnaround time for vital medical testing.

Medical Services

Unmanned aircraft systems answers delivery demands for more than half of the state designated as frontier counties, with rural populations.


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