Start Flying with Vantis UAS FlySafe

Vantis UAS FlySafe is your trusted partner for safe and efficient drone operations in North Dakota. Our team brings together leaders with decades of aviation, telecommunication and government experience in fostering innovation and reducing barriers to success. Through our experience and expertise, we provide the digital infrastructure necessary to lower barriers to integrate drones into the national airspace and our communities at scale.

FAA Approved, Easy to Use

Powered by AirHub® Launch platform, Vantis UAS FlySafe is an FAA-approved Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) UAS Service Supplier that offers the most sophisticated preflight risk assessment and situational awareness tools, as well as automated FAA-approved LAANC approvals to fly in local controlled airspace (under 400 feet) in just two clicks.

What are the LAANC and FlySafe Programs?

LAANC is a partnership between the FAA and private industry to safely integrate small drones into the national airspace. All Part 107 and recreational drone operators require FAA LAANC authorization before an operation can take place in controlled airspace. Vantis UAS FlySafe offers LAANC authorization in just seconds, making it easier than ever to operate your drone safely and legally.

Get Started on Vantis UAS FlySafe

Step 1 Create a New Pilot Account

Register your drone with the FAA if needed, and sign up as a Vantis UAS FlySafe pilot. You'll receive automated approvals from participating Air Traffic locations, and you can create new LAANC submissions in just a few moments.

Step 2 Find Operation Location or Fly Now

After logging in, locate the operation location using an address, name or geographic coordinates. You can also use the Fly Now button to create a flight at your current location in just two clicks.

Step 3 Define Operation Parameters

Input the operation name, start time, duration, the pilot in command, and the area you intend to fly. Vantis UAS FlySafe will guide you through the process to ensure you stay on track.

Step 4 Request Authorization from the FAA

If necessary, request authorization from the FAA through Vantis UAS FlySafe. We'll handle any necessary submission to different Air Traffic Control areas, so you can focus on your operation.

Vantis UAS Contact Information

4201 James Ray Dr
Grand Forks, ND 58202